Yesterday was a day full of fun! Bloggers United, Keds x Status Magazine & Style Origin event at a same day! Yey me, I managed to attend on those three (which I’ll blog one by one).

First event I attended was the Bloggers United where all the top fashion bloggers gathered and sell their used stuff. After the two successful Bloggers United last year, organizers, Pax, Ana and Melai organized another BU again! I really love this event because this is the event where I can see all my local fashion inspiration and interact with them!

Anastasia Siantar of I’m so happy to see a top blogger from other country! Anastasia’s one of the top bloggers in Indonesia. She’s so pretty and kind! <3 /fangirl

Divine Lee of My most favorite becky girl I’ve met!

Jessa Ang and Anastasia

Pau Intia and I :-)

I wasn’t able to take lots of photo since it was so crowded at the place. Hope these photos are enough to e-experience BU3! Congrats Pax, Melai and Ana for another successful BU! Can’t wait for BU4 on December! <3

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